IPSA(HK) Qualified Security Trainers 認可保安培訓導師

The following members successfully completed the Security Trainers Course held by K2 Consulting Co. Ltd. and have since become qualified security trainers of IPSA(HK):

Mr. AU Chi-ming, Gordon*  
Course No.: K2ST003CC
Contact: gordoncmau@yahoo.com.hk / 9235 2051

Mr. CHAN Kwok-po, James*
Course No.: K2ST003CC
Contact: jkpochan@netvigator.com / 9192 5126

Mr. CHAN Wing-lok, George*
Course No.: K2ST003CC
Contact: george.chan@hongkongparkview.com / 2812 3733

Mr. CHO Ngai-yip, Terence
Course No.: K2ST007
Contact: nycho@sinatown.com

Mr. HO Wai-yin, Danny*
Course No.: K2ST003CC

Mr. HUI Chun-yin, Benson
Course No.: K2ST008
Contact: bencyhui@mtr.com.hk

Mr. IP Kin-man
Course No.: K2ST007
Contact: JackIP50@hotmail.com

Mr. KO Ka-chun, William
Course No.: K2ST005
Contact: kkcwilliam@yahoo.com.hk / 9289 6686

Mr. LAI Kwok-hung
Course No.: K2ST003CC
Contact: 9882 3888

Mr. LAM Koon-fu, Eddie*
Course No.: K2ST003CC

Mr. LAU Chak-man, Anthony*
Course No.: K2ST003CC
Contact: anthonylau_cm@yahoo.com.hk / 9133 9779

Mr. LAU Kim-wai, Raymond
Course No.: K2ST001
Contact: raymondmtr@yahoo.com.hk / 9861 8741

Mr. LEE Yu-yim, Bruce*
Course No.: K2ST003CC

Mr. LIU Kwok-kin, Kent
Course No.: K2ST004
Contact: kentliu22000@yahoo.com.hk / 9167 8216

Mr. LO Sai-kit, Kevin
Course No.: K2ST001
Contact: studiokevin@yahoo.com.hk / 9465 3459

Mr. LUK Yan-chuen, Ernest
Course No.: K2ST001
Contact: eluk2000@hotmail.com / 9883 7368

Mr. SIN Hon-tao
Course No.: K2ST003CC
Contact: sinhto1823@yahoo.com.hk / 9883 3001

Mr. TANG Kun-cheong, Ekman*
Course No.: K2ST003CC
Contact: etang@cpland.com.hk / 9164 0843

Mr. YU Sai-kit
Course No.: K2ST010

* Attained Level Three on 'Training and Presentation Skills' of the NOCN in the UK
* 達到英國全國公開大學聯網(NOCN)訂定的「培訓與演說技巧」第三級資歷